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I'm sorry, you've somehow stumbled upon iron-e.ozzed.net, my cyber-residence. I'm Iron E. Here you will find my creations of all kinds. I decided to build a personal website where I can toss all the stuff I spew out because I have the attention span of a goldfish and wouldn't be able to dedicate my online presence to just one subject. Every once in a while I get creative and here you can see the results of that.

Recent Website News

After an EVEN LONGER hiatus, I have made some major changes to the site. Some useless sections have disappeared... and... BIG NEWS! I have decided to reinstate my old blog! Meaning I will be continuing to post excerpts from it as well as create new entries which will be posted exclusively on this website, and can be found in the Blog button in the menu. I hope you are all very happy, and of course, Merry christmas to everyone! Lots of love to you all!

For older news and other oxymorons, take a look at Website News.

Newest Addition:

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What will I find?

Use the menu on the top of every page to navigate the site. Here's what each page contains.

Home: You are at home now. The Home button will take you back to this page. Yes, the one you are looking at now. Yes, this EXACT one.

About Iron E: If you're wondering who the hell I am and why you should care, you might want this to be your first stop.

Blobs of Text: For lack of a better title, this is where you will find things I have written, such as observations, opinion pieces, song lyrics and poems, jokes... shit like that. Click a subcategory to find specific articles on that subject.

Photos: All of the photos here were taken either by me or people I know.

Blog: I once kept a blog, but I developed the opinion that blogs were retarded and made the decision to delete it. However, I downloaded a copy of it before I deleted it and upon rereading it a while later, realized it was fun and that I missed it, so I have taken up blogging again. So here you can read excerpts of the old posts as well as my new posts. Enjoy.

Website News: The most recent website news can be found in Website News and on the home page. Everything else is archived in Website News.

Shoutbox: If you have anything to say about the content you find here, please feel free to share it in the Shoutbox so we can all see it. I would love to hear your opinion and I WILL read it.

Links: Here you'll find some websites I really want you to check out.

Contact: If you would like to contact me, you'll find a few options here, including a few social networking sites I also live on.

There is no reason to keep reading because there is no more text.